Thursday, August 11, 2011

Washington DC Trip - Day 1

We just flew in today from an 8 day trip to Washington DC--a kind of family graduation/senior trip for Natali and Morgan before they go off to college.  Lots of sights, fun and memories.  

For the next few days I'm going to record what we did on each of the days there with a few of the photos--so we won't forget.  

The first morning, after buying subway passes for the week, we spent a few hours at the U.S. Botanical Gardens which are located to one side of the capitol building.  I think they have most every plant from every place in the world--have recreated different environments: desert, southwest, jungle, rain forest, etc.  

Afterwards, we had tickets to a Washington Nationals-Atlanta Braves baseball game at Nationals Park.  It was our first MLB game ever.  We had peanuts and hotdogs.  The game was rain delayed in the 6th--but we had a blast.

We ended the day with a visit of Lincoln Memorial--very impressive!



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