Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Update

We trust this letter finds you and yours well today. For us, the last few weeks have been full of life and ministry, blessings and challenges. As we think about this time, we want to mention a few things for your prayers and thanksgiving…

Family News

We have felt blessed by God in many ways lately. Ceci is almost always happy with life; she likes kindergarten and especially loves it that almost every week someone has a birthday party! A year has passed since her double hip surgery in 2005. She continues with physical therapy a couple of times each week and is walking better all the time; we are planning for her to have a follow-up surgery in December to remove the metal plates from both of her hips. Please pray that this operation will go smoothly and that Ceci will recover quickly. Morgan and Natali seem to be doing well in their second year of Jr. High (Secundaria). They recently joined their school’s girls’ volleyball team and seem to be having a good time with practices and weekly games against other schools. The girls’ grandmother, Sandra Schroeder, along with their cousin Meagan visited us in Guadalajara this past week. We all had a great visit.

One of God’s great blessings in our lives has been the ongoing growth of the girls in their relationship with God, in their understanding of and participation in God’s kingdom and mission in the world. This past Sunday, November 5 was a special day as Morgan and Natali were baptized at a waterfall outside of the city. They were blessed to be surrounded that day by others who were also being baptized, good friends, fellow-missionaries, Mexican brothers and sisters, along with their grandmother and cousin from Texas. We praise God. Please continue to pray for Morgan, Natali and Ceci and their formation as followers of Jesus.

Baptisms and Evidence of Growth

This past Sunday was a great day of fellowship and celebration—a great day to see evidence of God’s faithfulness and the fruit of God’s kingdom. Almost 100 people representing at least 5 growing house churches met together for a time of worship, food and fellowship. Five people from 3 different groups were baptized: Morgan Schroeder, Natali Schroeder, Luis Bernal, Alejandro Zendejas and Angelina (not sure of last name). Besides the obvious blessing of witnessing the new births, it was a special blessing to see the different churches fellowshipping together and encouraging one another. The groups represented were: Las Pintas, Mariano Otero, Jardines del Valle, Jocotan, and Cerro del Cuatro. There were also several visitors present who are not yet followers of Jesus. We praise and thank God for this fellowship of churches, for the diversity in this group, for the unity and Mexican leadership that was so clearly seen there. We pray that God will continue to move this group to maturity, that God will multiply followers of Jesus, churches of Jesus and fellowships of churches like this one.

Special Prayer Request for Church in La Piedad, Michoacan

The Lord seems to be continuing his work with the Camerena family in La Piedad, Michoacan. Martin and Rosa continue to incarnate Jesus among their family and friends. They also continue to work with a group of addicts and alcoholics from their city. In September, this group put together their first “Prevention Retreat” aimed at 10 to 16 year-olds who may be in danger of falling into Satan’s trap of drugs and alcohol. 18 young people attended this retreat along with 15-20 adults who hosted the retreat. Several of us from Guadalajara participated with them in this—it seemed to be a positive experience for the youth—a positive and learning experience for those who hosted the event. It seems that God is working in this group…that Martin and Rosa are being used by God in all of this. We continue to pray that God will lead the way for this group and that God will raise up more coworkers for Martin and Rosa from among their friends and family in La Piedad…

A few weeks ago, Rosa Camerena was diagnosed with a tumor on her thyroid. Rosa is scheduled to have the tumor removed tomorrow at a hospital in La Piedad. Please pray for Rosa’s healing and protection; pray for the doctors and nurses who will be helping her tomorrow; pray that the peace of God will be present with this family.

Upcoming Missionary Retreat

For the past several years, the missionaries working in Central Mexico have joined together in a “Mexico Missionary Retreat.” For the past couple of years it has taken place over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year it is the Guadalajara Team’s turn to host the event. We are expecting 70-80 missionaries (families, kids, singles) from Mexico City, Toluca, Leon, Morelia, Lazaro Cardenas and Guadalajara to participate in this event November 22-25. Please pray that this will be a great time of fellowship, unity and mutual encouragement. Pray for travel safety. Continue to pray for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in this region. Pray with us to the Lord of the harvest that the Lord will raise up and multiply an army of Mexican workers for and from the harvest in Mexico.

As always, we thank God for you and your participation with us in God’s mission in Central Mexico.

May God bless you richly!

Chadd, Nancy, Morgan, Natali and Ceci Schroeder