Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May Update

We hope everything is well with you and yours. Much has happened since our last report. We want to mention a few of these things for your thanksgiving and prayers.

Family News

The girls are doing well—the summer break from school doesn’t begin until the last of June—they think they are ready! Ceci is doing swim therapy 3 times a week right now and is becoming quite a swimmer. Several weeks back she won a medal for completing the 1st competence level. She (and us) was very proud! We are thankful for her growth.

Nancy and Ceci continue their “Moms and Kids” English group with some of our neighbors. Although Nancy insists that she is really not an English teacher, the neighbors show up every time—and go on and on about how their children’s English has improved over the past months. We believe God has provided the opportunity and grace to mix with and form friendships with neighbors. We are thankful.
I guess I should mention that I got bit by a dog a couple of weeks ago. About five minutes into an early morning run I met up with a big dog that had a thing for my thumb! Due to the encounter, I spent several hours in the ER, took several stitches and continue to nurse a pretty decent wound! Thankfully, the dog had been vaccinated and there has been no serious infection.


Lots of good things are happening among the churches—of course there are always challenges as well. Please pray specifically for the churches and forming churches in Jardines del Valle, Mariano Otero, Jocotan, Cerro de Cuatro, Cd. Granja, Las Pintas and La Piedad.

We’re especially encouraged to hear of new groups being started and of incarnational outreach into new areas. Gerardo and Carola Garcia continue to move among families in crisis…because of their daughter Meloni’s diabetes, they have many opportunities to minister to other families who are dealing with the recent discovery that their child has this disease. Both Gerardo and Carola regularly teach and give counseling to these families. Gerardo has entered a program through the hospital system to prepare himself to minister to those who have terminal illness (and their families) We are encouraged and hopeful as a growing number among us are discovering paths to incarnate Christ and minister among groups of people for whom God seems to have prepared them. Pray with us that God will increase this number, clarify an incarnational vision and lead us into the harvest.

The last weekend in March there was a retreat for the fellowship of house churches. The church in Mariano Otero was the host and the conversation was focused on “The New Testament and the Formation of Healthy Families of Jesus.” At least six of the groups were represented and it was a great time for fellowship, fun and Bible study. Three men were baptized into Christ: Javier Luna, Jesús Camarena and Luis Camarena. We are praying for the ongoing growth and formation of these three men and for their influence in the communities of people around them.


Please continue to pray for Mexico—for God’s transforming work at all levels. As you’ve surely read and heard, as part of Felipe Calderon’s new presidency, there has been increased pressure by the government on the drug cartels in Mexico. Partly as a result of this, there have been 900+ drug related executions already in 2007. It seems that the cartels are giving a clear message: you better not mess with us. Everyday the headlines tell of police, military and high level leaders being killed. Yet common Mexicans seem to be in favor of Calderon’s strong stance—the polls show Calderon’s popularity at over 70%. We pray for God’s clear intervention…for protection for innocent people. We continue to pray for change.

As always, we thank God for your partnership in our life and mission.

Praying to the Lord of the Harvest,

Chadd, Nancy, Morgan, Natali and Ceci Schroeder