Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August Update

We trust that you are well in these days. For us, the last few weeks have been full with the trip to Texas and ministry the last couple of weeks. As we think about the last few weeks, we want to mention a few things for your prayers and thanksgiving…

Texas Trip

Our trip to Texas was a great blessing. We spent good time with our family in the Lubbock area and Ceci got to know all of her aunts, uncles and cousins well—many of them for the first time. We had a great time showing her off and seeing her experience Texas culture and food for the first time. She was especially fond of corn dogs; we lost count of how many she had eaten at about 10! God was good to us in many ways.

We also spent time with most of the congregations that partner with us in Guadalajara. Chadd preached, taught and/or reported with the following congregations in July and early August: Amherst, Petersburg, Crescent Park in Littlefield, Comanche Trail in Amarillo, and Sunset in Lubbock. We also met with mission committees and spent good time around the tables of our Christian brothers and sisters. We were impressed with the love and interest in mission that mark all of these churches. As we told stories of God’s work in and through people in Central Mexico—of what we see God doing in these days, it was great to see how all of us felt encouraged and challenged. Again, we are thankful for God’s goodness and blessings!

Back to School!

The 2 ½ weeks since we’ve been back home seem to be mostly about getting back into school. Chadd was invited to teach a survey of the New Testament to 40-50 teachers during the teachers’ orientation at Lincoln School—the Christian school where Morgan and Natali are enrolled. God seemed to use the time for good in many ways. We had a great 5-day discussion regarding the New Testament, the role of Scripture in spiritual formation, and the practice of engaging Scripture for the purpose of formation. You may remember that Lincoln School is an interdenominational school that serves that larger Christian community in Guadalajara. We are praying that God will use this conversation for good in the lives of teachers and leaders from diverse churches all over this city. We pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will raise up and multiply an army of Mexican workers for this city and beyond.

Morgan, Natali and Ceci all began school last week—Morgan and Natali began 8th grade; Ceci began kindergarten. After the first week, one of the girls commented that the first week wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. I guess that’s good! We pray that God will use this year for good in their growth.

Addiction Prevention Retreat

As we’ve spent time the last few days catching up on news with our fellow missionary co-workers and the Mexican leaders of the different churches, we continue to hear stories of God’s work in Jardines del Valle, Mariano Otero, Cerro de Cuatro, Ciudad Granja, Jocotan, Las Pintas, La Piedad, and Tampico. We traveled last weekend to La Piedad to be with the Camarena family and the church that meets in their house. We continue to pray that God will work from these places to form vibrant churches of Jesus Christ. We also continue to pray for our coworkers in other cities across this region: Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Toluca, Morelia, Leon, Lazaro Cardenes to name a few.

Martin Camarena, one of the leaders around whom the young church in La Piedad, Michoacan seems to be forming is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. You may remember that he and his wife, Rosa are very involved with a community of recovering addicts—that they see this group as part of their mission assignment. For the last couple of months this group has been thinking and praying about beginning an outreach to youth. They are especially interested in reaching young people who are “in danger” of following in their path of alcohol and drug addiction. Please pray for Martin and Rosa, and this group as they host a “Prevention Retreat” this weekend, September 2-3. Several of us from Guadalajara plan to join them this weekend as resource people and helpers. It looks like as many as 9-12 youth from GDL may join us to participate with many youth from the city of La Piedad. We are praying for Martin and Rosa and this band of God seekers…that God will use this mission to draw them closer to God and to one another. We are praying for youth who are in danger…that they will know God’s love for them and that there is a better way. We are praying that God will teach all of us…that we will be good listeners for what God may want to do with this mission.

Mexican Election Results and Political Chaos

As you probably know by now, the Mexican presidential election of July 2 has not been resolved yet. People are generally frustrated and uncertain as to what will come of this. We are praying for Mexico and that God will use these events for good change—for the coming of God’s Kingdom to the lives of Mexicans.

As always, we thank God for our partnership with you.


Chadd, Nancy, Morgan, Natali and Ceci Schroeder
Calz. De los Paraisos #51, Casa #12